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Program TVShowJunkie! - Manage your TVShows

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Hi Guys,

i would like to share my new program with you.

First of all, please tell me what you think about my code and how i could improve it.


1. Start it - Ini will be created in script folder

2. Enter a TVShow name and a Link. The link has to be from Movie2k!

3. It will load the Seasons and Episodes

4. Set your Flag - Which episode are you currently at..

5. Press "Update all" to see if any of your TVShows have new Episodes - Item will be red in the Dropdown (Show name)


Edit: Oh by the way, dont use IE. I close it anyway! :D

Edit2: Sorry guys, i will Update the GUI for Windows 7, just checked it on my other machine, looks shit. Windows 8 looks fine.


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how i could improve it

Give meaningful names to your GUI controls. Rather than "input1' go with something like $h_showname. This will help you out if you plan to maintain this code over a longer time span.

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