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Do you think this is possible with autoit

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Ok i've been wanting to do this for awhile since i made some scripts for SWG but not sure if i can do it with auto it. Here is what i want to do:

1.Input an image so that it will keep in memory when needed the color id of each pixel

EX: i ahve a pic of nothing but red with a blue dot in the middle and when it does this function it will no the pixel placemnt for each and so on.

2.Have it work with a paint pallete to recreate the image lets say in paint with the tools paint has.

Actually thats basically it, i would like to try and get a nice gui thats friendlty for my freinds but if not i don't care. So what do you guys think possible or no?

Also if it is possible i have no idea where to start so shoving me in the right direction would be cool.

If you need further explenation let me know getting my ideas out on paper is hard :whistle:

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