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EasyMagnify v5 - use Magnifier More conveniently

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EasyMagnify is a script that i program long time ago and i am using that script always.

the script make the Magnifier of windows 7 to be more accessible because the script give a new way to use it.
and i thing that this is the best way!

After you have run the script, you can zoom/ change the zoom type / Invert the colors much more easily!

To Zoom In:
you need to hold your middle button In the mouse and grag up(Move the mouse up at the same time)

To Zoom Out:
you need to hold your middle button In the mouse and grag Down(Move the mouse Down at the same time)

Turn on/of the Invert the colors:
to use Invert the colors, just hold your middle button Without moving the mouse anywhere.

To change Zoom Type:
hold your middle button In the mouse and grag Left or right.

in BannedList.txt you can set the Windows that you don't want the script will run on them
in settings.ini you can disable or enable the Turn on/of the Invert the colors/To Zoom In or Out/Turn on/of the Invert the colors

true = enable
false = disabled

SettingsOn - you must to write in the SettingsOn True to use the Settings or otherwise it will not use the Settings in the ini and will use the default Settings in the code.




EasyMagnify v5 by gil900.rar

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