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DateTimePicker customization

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Hi all,

First post here, but longtime reader (A lot of topics here helped me in many ways as I'm a long time VB developer who recently switched to Autoit).

Awesome community here anyways.

I fear my problem has no obvious solution but I'm gonna submit it to you anyways : i wanted to know if there's a possible way to "disable" and/or format days in the DateTimePicker control.

Actually not so much disabling because the user could select it and I'd do nothing in return (that's a petty darn way to "disable"). But I'd like to show "special" days with a different color or font for instance whereas other days will keep the normal font/color.

I've browsed the sysdatetimepicker32 class but to no avail.

A simple example for the use of such a feature is displaying in the DTP month part days when events occured and check more info by clicking on one of the outstanding days.

Anyone has a lead as to where I should look ?

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