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Oops, I think I am! :"> Time to get myself out of hot water:

I thought that perhaps ACalcutt had used GUICtrlCreateGroup() to house a group of controls and was wondering if a single GUICtrlSetState() call on that Group control would disable all 'children' controls within. (I know that this can be done with some other GUI-oriented programming languages like Delphi.)

My apologies ACalcutt and if you haven't tried this approach, it definitely might be worth a go. Do be sure to share your result with us if you do though! :whistle:

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you could create a Child window using GuiCreate() that 'zones off' the controls you wish to group disable/enable, then disable or enable the child window by itself. The only thing that's different using this approach is that the controls don't get 'greyed out'

they should be though, perhaps i'll suggest this to the dev's.

[u]Do more with pre-existing apps![/u]ANYGUIv2.8
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