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Ok lets say i want a autoit to have user input then after u user inputs the data then i want autoit to read the input and if its a certain word then i want it to print something i already have...heres a example

input: Cat

output: A furry animal


i will have alot of things the user can input...like


Output:Lazy freeloader

I want autoit to search for the word the user input in one of my files...like ini...

So if he puts in cat i want autoit to search for the info i want printed on the screen for cat.

PLEASE HELP i <3 you guys lol

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$input = InputBox ( "blah", "Type something." )
if $input = "cat" Then
MsgBox (0, "abc", "A furry animal." )

you can replace "blah" with the title of the input box, "Type something" with the text of the input box, "cat" with what the user inputs, and "A furry animal" with what you want to say.

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