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Java Upgrade - Again

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I have another problem with the upgrade of Java. We have clients with Windows XP (x86) and with Windows 7 (x64). I wrote an upgrade script as windows start script which checks the installed version and upgrades to the current if necessary.

The upgrade of WIndows XP x86 und the x64-Version on Windows 7 x64 is working, but for one application, we also need the x86-version on Windows 7 x64. And here es my problem. The installation starts but will not finish. To check, what the cause is, I use the option /L which writes a log. The x64-Version writes about 18kb in the log. The x86 on WIndows 7 creates the logfile which remains emtpy.

After that I reduced the script to the line with the RunWait-Command that upgrades Java - nothing happens. Finally I started the script as administrator and - it works. This seems to me, that the user SYSTEM which runs the start script is not able to install an x86-Java on an x64-Windows. This is not quiet an AutoIT-Problem but I hope that some of the folks around has already experienced a similar problem.

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