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__XMLGetField returns no fieldnames

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Hello forum members,

I try to understand the functions in _xmldomwrapper, and make some example scripts to understand the outcome.

When I use the _xmlgetfield function, i get a count of 10 fields, but no names are coming up in the table.

When I take a good look to the function, I don't understand it at some points.

the variable $objchild is being used, but I don't see why.

$objChild is empty, I think it has to be $objNodeList.childNodes.item($x) for giving the fileds

For $x =1 to $count

$objChild = $objNodeList.childNodes($x)


If $objNodeList.parentNode.nodeType =$NODE_DOCUMENT Then

$szNodePath="/"&$objNodeList.baseName &"/*["&$x&"]"


$szNodePath = $objNodeList.baseName &"/*["&$x&"]"


Are there maybe newer versions of the _XMLDomWrapper? Is there a good tutor to help with this one?

Thanks in advance.


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