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ConnectWise API through AutoIt

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Hello everyone. ConnectWise is a program that stores customer data, allows techs to document their time, store inventory information and more. I am very new to HTTP posts, gets, requests, things like that. To keep things simple, I want to use the simplest API: retrieve the ConnectWise version. Here are the instructions they give:

We provide a means of accessing the API via direct HTTP POST calls. Get requests are also allowed, but are discouraged.

The entry point for plain HTTP is:
http://<psa public sitename>/v4_6_release/services/system_io/integration_io/processclientaction.rails

You will pass the actionString as a form element with a name of "actionString."

Here is the request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

<GetConnectWiseVersionAction xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">





Can someone provide some example AutoIT code that allows me to receive the version? Thank you very much in advance!

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Here's some additional information if it helps:

Our APIs have traditionally used a proprietary set of XML for all requests and responses. We provide two endpoints—one SOAP, and one plain HTTP—that merely expose a
single method that accepts and returns our proprietary XML. This allows you to work with our APIs via either SOAP or plain HTTP using the same set of XML.

In addition to these existing API endpoints, we are adding additional, alternative SOAP endpoints for most of our APIs with true web methods for each API action. If you develop in an IDE that supports WSDL service references, it’s now
easier than ever to get started with our APIs.

These additional SOAP endpoints are not replacing our existing APIs. They are simply wrappers around our existing APIs and are designed to make your programming job

Our official API documentation continues to describe the proprietary XML used by our APIs. While we have renamed some of web methods in these new SOAP endpoints to be a bit more intuitive, you should be able to use our existing documentation with these new SOAP endpoints with little trouble.

The entry point to the API is located at:

https://<psa public sitename>/v4_6_release /services/system_io/integration_io.asmx

The WSDL file is available by navigating to:

https:///<psa public sitename>/v4_6_release/services/system_io/integration_io.asmx?wsdl

SSL is required on production PSA servers when accessing the API. Any calls received via regular HTTP will be denied on production systems.

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Bumping this topic to the top so it doesn't get buried. Hopefully this is an easy answer for one of you guys.

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DeskDirector (https://www.deskdirector.com/) is the most suitable option I'm able to find to integrate with ConnectWise easily.

DeskDirector focuses on customer portal and hence increases the potential usage of ConnectWise PSA.

In order for DeskDirector to work properly, ConnectWise must be also properly configured. DeskDirector uses the following areas of ConnectWise for configurations:

  1. Integrator login setup table.
  2. Marketing Groups.

Integrator login setup table

This should already have been set up by your ConnectWise Administrator in order to get DeskDirector running. However, it is worth noting how it should be configured. The following image shows the API access needed for DeskDirector to function correctly:


This is all you need in order to get DeskDirector running with your Connectwise integration.


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