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Retrieving data from XML file

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The file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<property name="Actors">Peter Krause, Rachel Griffiths, Richard Jenkins, Frances Conroy, Michael C. Hall, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodriguez, Mathew St. Patrick, James Cromwell, Justina Machado</property>

<property name="ActualStart">127649988017526250</property>

<property name="Added">127690368671092500</property>

<property name="AddedBias">240</property>

<property name="Channel">400</property>

<property name="Description" />

<property name="DisplayTitle">Six Feet Under - Eat a Peach</property>

<property name="Duration">35996880000</property>

<property name="Editable">TRUE</property>

<property name="EPGID">EP4386260058</property>

<property name="EpisodeDescription">Ruth finds a new way to unwind; David and Keith await news from Mary; Julio gets into trouble at school, surprising Vanessa.</property>

<property name="EpisodeTitle">Eat a Peach</property>

<property name="FileFormat">DivXAVI</property>

<property name="Folder">Movies And Tv</property>

<property name="FullName">K:\Movies And Tv\Six Feet Under-(Eat a Peach)-2005-07-04-0.avi</property>

<property name="Genre">Comedy-drama</property>

<property name="LastExistsTime">127690224671092500</property>

<property name="LastWriteTime">127650132575495000</property>

<property name="Length">475736783</property>

<property name="Managed">False</property>

<property name="MovieYear" />

<property name="Name">Six Feet Under-(Eat a Peach)-2005-07-04-0.avi</property>

<property name="OriginalAirDate">20050704</property>

<property name="Rating" />

<property name="ReadOnly">True</property>

<property name="Recommendation">False</property>

<property name="StationCallsign">HBO</property>

<property name="TargetDuration">36000000000</property>

<property name="TargetStart">127649988000000000</property>

<property name="Title">Six Feet Under</property>

<property name="Watched">False</property>

<property name="DisplayTitle">Six Feet Under - Eat a Peach - Eat a Peach</property>

<property name="SortableName">Six Feet Under - Eat a Peach</property>

<property name="SortableTime">127649844017526250</property>


My attempt so far: To no avail.

$oXml = ObjCreate("Msxml2.DOMdocument.3.0")


$oXml.Load(StringTrimRight($sFilePath,4) & ".xml")

If @error Then MsgBox(0,"xmltest","load failed! error-" & @error)

$oXmlroot = $oXml.documentElement

For $oXmlNode In $oXmlroot.childNodes

$items = $oXmlNode.getElementsByTagName('Name');

for $item In $items

TrayTip("MKSD","Elements by TagNameSpace " & $item.text,2)

Sleep(5 * 1000)


;$doctype = $oXmlNode.doctype();

TrayTip("MKSD", "Name " & $oXmlNode.text,2)

Sleep(2 * 1000)

I am tyring to retrieve two records from this file

<property name="Genre">Comedy-drama</property>


<property name="Title">Six Feet Under</property>

I cannot find a way (other than reading the file line by line) to access br "Genre" and "Title" . Maybe some kind soul will give a hint, or point me in the right direction.

Lee Cole

Edited by leecole

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