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Chatbot help for new coder

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Hello autoit users. I am not new to coding but I do have a hard time understanding it. But it is really fun to get small apps to work. But I always find myself way over my head when trying to make a bit bigger projects. But this project I really want to get aired so please help me a bit here :)

I am using a chat site called tinychat and my big plan was to implement a bot that is pretty analog. But already at the start at the project I run into the wall, head first. The application using flash and all text is hidden from the controls. All I wanted was to read 1 line and trigger a command, lets say !spotify. I have been fizzling with that OCR from google but I don't think it works well on win8 64bit. I cant get any output from that OCR. Is there SOMEONE that can help me get started on this project?

Thanks in advance


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I'm actually planning to make a decent solution soon, hopefully in 2013... My plan is to make it use an SQLite database to keep everything inside, in addition, it will learn and have its own preferences and hoping to make it remember person-specific data as well... To that advanced, I'm not expecting to make it in a year or so since I have many other projects in other languages as well. I'll start when I can though and when I make some progress, I'll make sure to post somewhere. I have some decent references to chatbot-related stuff (I used to make one in C++ a while back that tried to avoid conversations), so, I think I can put that into good use when defining the initial database. If I decide to do this, the bot will not be very friendly, the opposite - it tries to end the conversation as much as it can.

The way this bot would learn is by getting to know new verbs, nouns etc from text it can monitor, that means I will create a UDF, so you can use the bot for whatever you like, for example in a chat room, it would be able to learn from what people say without being in a conversation with them by looking for phrases such as "My <noun> is <property>." and storing the data in a way that every noun can have properties, multiple of them... To improve it even further, I can make it recognize things such as colors as a whole (if the heard property was a color, it assumes that the item can be of any color) etc.

Hoping to have made some progress by December this year.

EDIT: if you're new to programming, I advise you something here... I don't recommend starting with something complicated, such as AI (artificial intelligence), take bites you can chew. I have coded in multiple languages for years now, in Autoit particularly for about 2 years now.

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