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IM server with client

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So i started off trying to create small IM program I could use with my wife.. and I went little overboard with smiles and other stuff and now we do not even use it..

So I figured I would put it up so maybe someone can enjoy it.

I used Autoit v3.3.8.1 and attached is all the addtional code I used

to set up..

on server:

configure $BindPort to desired port

configure $password to whatever

change $ikey if you desire

on client:

configure $szIPADDRESS to the IP of the server or you configure $szServerPC to the DNS name of the server

configure $nPORT to match $BindPort from the server

verify $ikey is the same as server

you can run multiple instance of client on the same PC to test

I also attached the exe that will work on the same PC (the server address on the client is @IPAddress1)

execute server.exe

execute client (Name anything(not blank) password: p) as many times as you want..

I try to document as I went along, but it is not documented enough and I have not work on it since last year.

Also borrowed lots of code from several people, I try to list them in the code and use their UDFs when possible, but if I missed anyone it was unintentional

started off with server client by Ken Piper

Used toast and stringsize(for the toast UDF) by Melba23

used wards ARC4, MD5, LZMA, and base64

used flash window by Yoan Roblet (Arcker)

used guirichedit by

Author(s): GaryFrost, grham, Prog@ndy, KIP

I was running into issue when trying to autoit included guirichedit

Borrowed some code

from Zedna -

from BrewManNH -

got the idea and some code from UEZ to embedded graphics, but I did not use his tool to do it


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