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FTP Help - newbie!

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Trying to see if I can -

  • Open an FTP connection - Got it

  • Grab the file named - hourlydata.csv ( need to use a wild card here as sometimes the file can have a name like hourlydata(1).csv or hourlydata(2).csv *** - need help

  • I need to then delete the file from this folder - need help

  • and move to the new folder - Got it

  • and rename the file newfilename.csv - Got it

It would be awesome if it could also bulk upload files

Here is where I am so far

#include <FTPEx.au3>

$host = "ftp.xxxxx.com"

$user = "username"

$pass = "mypassword"

$newfolder = "/Hello/hourlydata*.csv"

$origfolder = "/Hello/New/newfilename.csv"

$open = _FTP_Open("Myftp")

$conn = _FTP_Connect($open, $host, $user, $pass,0,0)

_FTP_FileRename($conn, $newfolder, $origfolder)


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