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How to input a string for later DVD-R label

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Hi to all, I'm using AutoIt from yesterday to automate the whole process of capturing, encoding and DVD authoring, hundreads of old VHS.

I made with no probs all these steps, but now I want to automate the final step too, the DVD burning, but ... I don't want to have always the same disc Label...

So I need a way to:

at the very beginning of the whole process/script a little windows should pop-up and ask me to input a Label name.

Then, at the end of the whole process, that string/input should be used with the "send" command as the disc label.

could you please point me in the right direction ? :whistle:

thanks ! :dance:

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$title = INPUTBOX("Disc Title", "Enter Title", "", "", -1, 120)

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