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Inverse of ControlSend?

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RIght now I'm running a python script that relies on using AutoIt's ControlSend to send keys to a weird little popup Mozilla window:

ControlSend("[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]", "", "", "hello world")
ControlSend("[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass]", "", "", "{ENTER}")

(FF.au3 commands didn't work on this window, and ControlSetText didn't work on this window.)

This works great except for when it doesn't. Sometimes ControlSend bugs and includes a SHIFT or an extra ENTER in there. I can see it when it happens, and it throws my script off pretty badly. What's the chance that there's some inverse of the ControlSend function, so I can get back the text I sent? (I read the documentation -- ControlGetText and WinGetText didn't work on this window, only returning u'', and I'm not sure where to look next.) If this is possible, I could use this to compare what was sent to what I intended to send, thus catching this bug before it messes anything up.

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Because it's a firefox window, you're going to have to utilize FF.au3 to read the inputs. =/


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