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SplashImage won't stay on the screen?


;MsgBox features: Title=Yes, Text=Yes, Buttons=Yes, No, and Cancel, Icon=Question

If Not IsDeclared("iMsgBoxAnswer") Then Local $iMsgBoxAnswer

$iMsgBoxAnswer = MsgBox(35,"What To Do?","Yes,No,Cancal",60)


Case $iMsgBoxAnswer = 6 ;Yes

Case $iMsgBoxAnswer = 7 ;No

Case $iMsgBoxAnswer = 2 ;Cancel


If $iMsgBoxAnswer=6 Then SplashImageOn("Yes","C:\Image0.bmp","500","727","-1","-1",16)

If $iMsgBoxAnswer=7 Then SplashImageOn("No","no.bmp","32","32","-1","-1",16)

If $iMsgBoxAnswer=2 Then SplashImageOn("What","C:\what.bmp","48","48","-1","-1",16)


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If this is all the code then that would make sense since your script will end thus close the splash.


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