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hiding a gui control in an executable

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I would like to know how to hide a control of a foriegn executable. In this program (WebDrive), there is a "Save Password" checkbox that I would rather our users not use for security reasons. I tried examining it under ResHack and PE Resource Explorer, but nothing seemed to show up.

I ran the AutoIt Window Info program and have captured the title, control id, classname nn, and the text of the control. I assume that I want to use something like GUICtrlSetState() with $GUI_HIDE as the 2nd parameter, but I get the feeling that you can only to this with programs that you are writing.

Is this possible to do in AutoIt? Any suggestions otherwise?



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I suppose it depends on the application. It would be the combination of the window title, text, AND controlID that would help you differentiate between, for instance, two separate Word documents. The text would be in a control with the same ID I think, but the window title and text would be different. Find some text that's unique to the window you're looking for if you're worried about it. And don't forget to use Opt("WindowTitleMatchMode") and Opt("WindowTextMatchMode") to assist in finding the correct window.

Edit: I just verified this. Word doesn't provide a controlID, but does provide a Classname. This classname is the same for multiple document windows, so you'd have to use the title and text within the document to differentiate. Be sure to test this scenario in any MDI applications you're scripting.

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Unrelated - hopefully you have tested webdrive for a month or so. Its been awhile since I used it, but everytime I used it in the past (and I loved the program), my system would start to get very very unstable - took me a long time to figure out it was webdrive causing it. (as I said, its been a long time since I have used it, so it may no longer have that added bonus of making your system run like crap)

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