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Using AutoIt to map hotkeys?

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Hey all; I'll admit right off the bat that I'm using you guys as a cheat sheet - the situation is, I have a 3rd party shade analysis program I use for work, that requires me to toggle between two tools. Basically, get a picture of a skyline and I need to color everything that's shaded as green, and open sky as yellow. The issue is, for detailed skylines, I need to switch between green and yellow often, and there are no hotkeys built in - I have to do it all by clicking the "green" and the "yellow" buttons in one corner of the screen.

I wanted to write a script that maps this toggle action to hot keys so I can switch between the colors faster, and a buddy mentioned that AutoIt might be able to help.

I have some basic programming experience, but learning to script with AutoIt would nonetheless take a time commitment to get comfortable with. I read through the introduction and it looks like something the program can handle, but I wanted to check with you guys as far as if this is something that AutoIt would be good for (and, if I'm lucky, some suggestions on where to start/how to approach this type of task).

Thanks in advance for anything you guys can offer.

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If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you will most probably have no or very little trouble learning AutoIt. I would suggest that, along with the Tutorials in the AutoIt Wiki, you read through the Documentation (also located here - directly) to familiarize yourself with what AutoIt can do, and what you can do with AutoIt. And this forum is a great place to ask questions, make sure you read the Forum Rules first though.

Here is a link (to a function in the Help file..) that may help get you started - HotKeySet.

Welcome to the Forum!

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