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So I have this game, which is a single player game in which there's a pixel blinking and you're supposed to hit the right keys when the pixel blinks at a certain frequency. Its a silly game but its good practice for learning more about AutoIT.

My question, is it possible by using the pixel recognition in AutoIT to get the frequency of the blinking by measuring it over 10 seconds?

And then save that frequency as a variable to execute different commands based on it?

Also is it possible to run two AutoIT scripts at the same time? Or in my case to measure two of these blinking lights at the same time to get the frequency of both and if both are blinking hit a certain key?

Thanks so much for your help, I would be willing to donate for some more in depth guidance to this program as it seems great.

Sorry if I'm fuzzy about the details, I'm leaning towards auto-it to beta-test me and my friends android game and I don't want to get into details before the game is completed for obvious reasons :)

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