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[Solved]Wanted DLL callback example - C++ & Autoit code

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I wish to convert my Mouse & Keyboard capture autoit source code into a DLL so that I can lock the DLL into monitoring only the events for it's parent autoit process (i.e. prevent the code from being used as a keylogger).

Once done - I then should be able to post this on the forum so that it can be used by the community.

I have never coded in C++.

I am good at taking examples and extending them to meet my requirements.

I have working examples for autoit calling functions in a C++ dll I have created.

However, I do not have a working example of an autoit function being called from the dll (via DllCallbackRegister).

The example(s) I have found on the forum are incomplete.

Could someone be kind enough to create a share a simple DLL that calls back an autoit function (source code of both - I assume all I need is the .h, .cpp & .au3 source)

Many thanks in advance

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Found a working example:

The code I used was


#define DECLDIR __declspec(dllexport)
extern "C"
   DECLDIR void OnAutoItFunc(void * func);


#include "basicdll.h"
extern "C"
  typedef int (_stdcall * au3_func)(int,int,int);
void _cdecl OnAutoItFunc(void * func) {
  int ret = 0;
  if(func) {
   au3_func MyAu3Func = (au3_func) func;
   ret  = MyAu3Func(10,20,30);


$dll = DllOpen( path  to basicdll.dll)
Func Myau3Func($a, $b, $c)
ConsoleWrite("Myfunc called with a = " & $a & " b = " & $b & " c = " & $c & @LF)
Return $a + $b + $c
$cb = DllCallBackRegister("Myau3Func","int","int;int;int")
$pcb = DllCallBackGetPtr($cb)
DllCall($dll, "none:cdecl", "OnAutoItFunc","ptr",$pcb)

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