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Font 2 font

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this font osman Arabic characters

ı want use font but dont work why ?

editbox1 osman Arabic characters

editbox2 Latin characters

ı want use

but editbox show Latin characters why

I would like to use this font at the top of the upper editbox

started writing Latin. I want to write Arabic characters use editbox

I would not like the font Latin text

latin characters 2 osman arabic characters and osman arabic characters 2 latin characters convert

türkçe --> osmanlıca latin characters 2 osman arabic characters

osmanlıca ---> türkçe osman arabic characters 2 latin characters

or how is use or make ?



Please enters the site and write something on the keyboard

I want something like this site

I'm sorry for my english is bad

need for translation archive

thank you now

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You need to set the font name, not the fullpath of it.

GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 14, 800, 0, "Hüsrev Hattı Osmanlıca")

Edit: Meaning that this one must be installed on the computer.

Oh and please post directly the code in your post, because there is no need of the other files.

Br, FireFox.

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There is a font named Hüsrev Hattı Osmanlıca.ttf with latin and arabic characters. I've unfortunately no experiences in translating characters to unicode.

What he wants is when you enter something in the lower edit control (latin letter box) that the characters are converted to arabic latters using the font mentionied above.



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I think FireFox has provided the solution to this problem if he creates i.e. a GUI with two input controls then sets the font for each control when updating the second with the text of the first Vala! If he/she wants to convert chars then the OP might be interested in this





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