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Vox ( Voice online X ) update


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New option available - Download manager...

Vox main goal is to recieve streamed online redirection links like the populare online radio / television stations but also to play songs from disk like mp3 files as well as to import and edit playlists - a recorder and movie download manager is available as an special option...

This special new download feature can easy make an library of downloaded .wmv movies from links on the Internet - this link address can easy be copied into the clipboard and when this option get activated a browser request for location on disk to save the file and if the clipboard linkfile is available on the Inet, a download notification get attached to the trayicon. The downloaded files can then be shown in the player...

Supported player format: *.avi;*.mp3;*.m3u,*.mpg;*.mpga;*.wma;*.wav;*.mid;*.wmv;*.wpl;*.vob (DVD Video Object)

Install / uninstall script, a topics and source code included...

Download from:


kjactive :whistle:

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