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Can't fill input fields

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  • cannot find element by using $fm.classname (please look at the input tag in the html source-no other attributes are available)
  • cannot find element by using $fm.type

  • cannot click the input field.

  • cannot fill the input field with text

  • i tried most of the ie udf ,but something is wrong and i cant get it to work
about the input field:its a tricky one ,i need to click it for getting focus before passing on some text to it.my code does not work !

$oFormElements = _IEFormElementGetCollection($oForm)
for $fm in $oFormElements
if ($fm.tagName=='input') Then
_IEAction($fm, "click")
_IEFormElementSetValue($fm, "found you")

html source of sub form element

<input type="text" class="GIL3GQOBPDC titleField textField GIL3GQOBODC" size="60" title="Title" dir="ltr">

*its a sub form element.

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First off, check the return values (or if applicable @error) of each of the functions. That'll tell you where the error is occurring.


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