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How to click using ControlClick in the window

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Hi Forum,

I tried to automate a window, and i am facing some problems clicking the button,

Here is my autoit script




WinWaitActive("MiniToolBox by Farbar")

ControlCommand ("MiniToolBox by Farbar", "", 3, "CHECK")
sleep (100)
ControlCommand ("MiniToolBox by Farbar", "", 5, "CHECK")
sleep (100)
ControlCommand ("MiniToolBox by Farbar", "", 7, "CHECK")
sleep (100)
ControlClick ( "MiniToolBox by Farbar", "", 20)
ControlSend("[class:Notepad]", "", "", "!{F4}")

ControlClick ("[Class:#32770]", "", 1002)

In this window, i need to click the Start Scan button,

Here is the window properties

>>>> Window <<<<
Class: #32770
Position: 441, 209
Size: 490, 450
Style: 0x94000044
ExStyle: 0x00010000
Handle: 0x003E0120

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: ATL:00551468
Instance: 1
ClassnameNN: ATL:005514681
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ATL:00551468; INSTANCE:1]
ID: 1002
Text: Start scan
Position: 40, 315
Size: 410, 69
ControlClick Coords: 270, 36
Style: 0x5001000B
ExStyle: 0x00000020
Handle: 0x003D0284

>>>> Mouse <<<<
Position: 751, 560
Cursor ID: 0
Color: 0xFDFDFD

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<
Start scan
Full protection against malware
Change parameters

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<

Please guide me,

Thanks in advance

Sathish V.


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