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Does anybody know how to write into an Microsoft Access Field?

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I thout i have asked for this yesterday, but i am not sure if i have posted it

I have searched but i cant find it.

So again more detailed:

Acces form is open.

What I will do

1. goto a fild on the Access Form

(Formname and Filename is known. But there is no ID, looked by au3.exe)

2.select the current contens.

3. delete the current contens and/or

overwrite the current contens

Any idea how to do it or a

hint where to look in the autoit samples are welcome

Thanks in advance

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somdcomputerguy: sorry but with autoit window info there is no ID to find what else can i do?

DanP2: No, i cannot update the Database directly, i have to use the Access form and find the Field (Form its alredy open)

Jos: If I search for flabes, then I find my last 2 Posts, but this one is not on my Name its on yr Name "Jos" i dont no why

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