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USB Controll SSR?

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I have this heating element i want to controll with a SSR (Solid State Relay)

for those ho dont know what that is, so is it just a relay that only needs 3-32volts to activate the relay (switch on the relay)

and i want to controll my heating element with pulses from my usb... i want to controll this with a slider (0-100%) for instance if i set the slider to 10% and i run 1000ms cycles that it would be "activated" 100ms of that... 30% 300ms of 1000ms and so on...

and maybe make the script so i can adjust the cycle time.

And if not possible with USB, is there anything else i could use? ( such as this 15pin Monitor plug i have)

But just have to ask you first if this is possible?? and how?


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