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Creating XML declaration

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I have one program that keep it's settings in the XML file. This is semi-valid file, because it's absent declaration, though file contain symbols that prevent MSXML parser to parse it. So for correct parsing I need to apply declaration with needed encoding to the loaded file.

Only examples I googled was NET examples. NET allow create declaration with the CreateXmlDeclaration and apply it to loaded document. How to make this in usual way?

Of course, I can merge declaration string with file content and write it to new file, but maybe exists right way to do it?

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Thanks, exactly!

Anyway, loading with Load method not works, so I used LoadXML instead - seems it's load any well formated data. Below is code for those who interested:

$oXml = ObjCreate("Msxml2.DOMdocument.3.0")
$oXml.LoadXML(FileRead("servercfg.xml", FileGetSize("servercfg.xml")))
$oXmlRoot = $oXml.documentElement
$oXmlDecl = $oXml.createProcessingInstruction("xml", 'version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"')
$oXml.InsertBefore($oXmlDecl, $oXmlRoot)
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I'm curious then with the example, I know nothing about using whatever you did to lood the msxml, but if you wanted to parse an xml file and use it for a config file instead of say an ini file what commands would you use to iterate through the fields and get the data out of an xml file?

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