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TrayGetToolTip or DebugToFile possible?

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Hi i'm new to AutoIT v3 and using the latest Beta (autoit-v3.1.1.68-beta), but i missing a debug function for administration thingies. Often a script runs on a machine, but if a machine is a little bit slower or faster, then different to the testet machine, the script don't will function or/and it never ends.

So my question is, if i activate Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1) running script will show me the line where it holds. but at many different machines it could be many different errors so a savefunction for those errors would be great (communicate with a external script and give that line back to it calling script)

I also tryed tuape`s Systray_UDF (and want modify it to my needs) but it doesn't function and will give me just a zero for existing trayicons. the _FindTrayToolbarWindow() also give me just a "0x00000000" back. Im using Windows 2000 Prof. with SP4.

Any suggestions? (sorry for my spelling, im a little bit tired!)

P.S.: Very Great work to all AutoIT Members and Developers! :">

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In the current beta there is a new macro @ScriptLineNumber.

So you could for instance use this number together with FileReadLine, something like:

Func DebugLine()
   $line = FileReadLine(@ScriptFullPath, @ScriptLineNumber)

So long...

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