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Search strings (word/sentence) in files

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I've made this script a year ago and I have been asked by people to post my final script so they can use it.

This is nothing fancy, but just thought of sharing it with the community :)

Script purpose and explanation:

  • Search for a word / sentence* inside .txt and .log files (you may add more extensions)
  • Search in sub-directories - Will search in main folder + all of the folders in the main folders if checked.
  • Save a new log with the paths of the files containing the word / sentence
Bugs are still available as I used it personally and knew how NOT to cause it to crash so this is not bug-free.

This is very very usable however and shouldn't crash at all if used correctly.

*Please note:

In case of searching for a sentence, it will only return files containing the sentence in it's full.

For example: Searching for "I am walking" will only return files containing "I am walking" and not files with "I", with "am" and "walking" in separate.

Enjoy :)

Search In Files_With GUI - By Kfir v1.1.au3

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