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Unable to create the folders in windows xp system PFA code

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Hi all,

below code works in apart from winxp system ...

I am trying to create the folder in specified location Win xp i am unable to create the folde by using below code any suggessition please why its not creating folder in win xp..

This will work in Win 7 .


if $OS ="Win_XP" Then

Run(@ComSpec & " /k cd %userprofile% & cd Local Settings & cd Application Data & MD Lotus\Notes\Data" ,"",@SW_HIDE)


Run(@ComSpec & " /k cd %userprofile% & cd Appdata & cd Local & MD Lotus\Notes\Data" ,"",@SW_HIDE)


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Why dont you just use @AppDataDir and DirCreate?

DirCreate(@AppDataDir & "Lotus\Notes\Data" ,"",@SW_HIDE)

Thank you so much i want to create directory in user profile i will use below code ..

DirCreate(@UserProfileDir & "LotusNotesData" ,"",@SW_HIDE )

thanks u so much....u r the rock .......:)

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Oops , there's a problem, I fogot to delete ,"",@SW_HIDE , please remove it before use DirCreate

DirCreate Function only need path to create Folder:

DirCreate ( "path" )

BTW, you should put autoit code between autoit bbcode : [autoit] Your code [ /autoit] to make it easy to understand :)

Sorry for bad English :P

Edited by DucViet321

$Money = ControlGetMoney(@Life,"People","Pocket4")If $Money Then $Rich = TrueElse $Risk = True _RunAwayFromPolice("Fastest")EndIf

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Hello to all
Since few hours i'm play around with AutoIt. First thanks for the many information here in the forum.

I noticed that the code above is not quite correct. There is missing a backslash in the path.

;does not work, missing backslash
DirCreate(@AppDataDir & "Lotus\Notes\Data")

;This is how it works, tested on windows 7 pro x64
DirCreate(@AppDataDir & "\Lotus\Notes\Data")

I know the thread is old and the correction is peanuts. But maybe it will help someone.

Best Regards

Edited by Michael84

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