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tool to convert data from excel to create evenly spaced

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Ok, here's a request to those alot more experienced than I am. Here's what I'm looking to do and am looking for some feedback

  • overall intent is to convert inputted data to evenly spaced columns of data - or an evenly spaced text table from copied data from excel
  • create a tool where excel data is copied to a section - could be textbox, listview, etc, have observed that tabs are placed in between columns of data
  • user would copy data from excel or html tables, and click a button to paste into the input data section
  • user would select options then hit a button to convert data to aligned columns
  • user then would copy the modified text table to the clipboard so then could be pasted into text based software
  • input would be approx 15 columns wide and 100 rows long
  • has an option to also enter 'space pipe character space' in between rows
  • option also includes the number of spaces between columns, ie, from 2 to 6 spaces between columns
  • this is work related tool for a monospacial font to handle various type of information exported from excel and create evenly spaced rows - could also be used for notepad or notepad++ without formatting
  • we use excel tools with hidden rows that I don't want included - ie, if copy from excel with hidden columns, don't want that info to be placed into the converted text table
  • included is a preliminary GUI and some sample information in the attached excel file
  • temp files can be used to utilize clipboard to copy and paste data
Thank you in advance for your recommendations as I'm not even sure where to start.



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