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XPath FF.au3

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Hi folks,

Trying to get a small help here.

I am trying to click on a link inside a webpage in firefox and FFClickLink fails. Hence thinking of using XPath and FFClick.
Unfortunately the link is referring a javascript as below and I am not able to obtain the correct Xpath value even with the firebug plugin or I maybe using it incorrectly.

<td class="data1" nowrap="on">
<a class="noline" title="Queue Name : TESTQUEUE" href="javascript:viewQ('SWLIVE|TESTQUEUE|R')">TEST QUEUE</a>
<td class="data1" align="right">146</td>

The code that I am trying to use here is as follows (xpath got from mozilla plugin firepath/firebug)



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Hi All,

I was able to solve this problem by getting the correct Xpath.

But now a new problem has cropped up where the FFClick works only once and is not working for the second click on the same page.

Can anyone please help.



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