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Cleans Hex

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im posting this for the people that use IDA pro (probly none here)

and that also hate the hex copying from IDA.

just copy the hex from IDA and hit #c to get a clean hex output.


.text:00401010  57 8D 85 94 FD FF FF 56-33 DB 50 53 FF 15 34 20 "Wìàö²  V3¦PS §4 "
.text:00401020  40 00 8D 85 94 FD FF FF-56 50 8D 85 94 FD FF FF "@.ìàö²  VPìàö²  "
.text:00401030  50 FF 15 30 20 40 00 8B-3D 2C 20 40 00 53 53 6A "P §0 @.ï=, @.SSj"
.text:00401040  03 53 6A 01 8D 85 94 FD-FF FF 68 00 00 00 80 50 "Sjìàö²  h...ÇP"


HotKeySet("#c", '_HC')

Func _HC()
    ClipPut(StringRegExpReplace(ClipGet(), '(\.text.*?  )|(".{17})|-|\s', ''))

While 1
Edited by w0uter

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