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[Mouse] sleepMotion during sleep

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Here is a contribution, don't hesitate to correct my script if something wrong i am fresh new to autoIt ^^
replace boring sleep() with fun :P

sleepMotion(8000, 100)

your mouse is centered on screen and move along a circular motion of 100 px during 8 sec



Func sleepMotion($delay, $radius = 50)   
 Local $start = TimerInit();
 Local $waiting = True;   
 Local $angle = 0;
 While $waiting
   $pos = MouseGetPos();
   MouseMove( (@DesktopWidth * .5) + (Cos($angle) * $radius) ,(@DesktopHeight * .5) + (Sin($angle) * $radius), 1 );
   $angle = $angle + .01;
   if TimerDiff($start) >= $delay  Then
     $waiting = False;

ps : sorry i put ';' at eol i know this is useless in autoit script but ... i am sure that you understand ;)

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