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Convert from Delphi to Autoit DLLCALL

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The delphi code looks like this :

        private IntPtr _device = new IntPtr(-1);
        private readonly byte[] _readVersionCommand = new byte[] { 0, 1, 134, 255, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0 };
        byte[] bVersion = new byte[9];

_device = RDing.OpenUSBDevice(UsbVendorId, UsbDeviceId);

RDing.WriteUSB(_device, _readVersionCommand, (uint)_deviceOutputLength, ref numberOfBytesWritten);
RDing.ReadUSB(_device, bVersion, (uint)_deviceInputLength, ref _numberOfBytesRead);

I translated it to :

$b = DllStructCreate("byte[9]")
$c = DllStructCreate("word")
$cTemp = DllStructGetPtr($c)
$e= DllStructCreate("byte[9]")
Dim $TemperReadVersionCommand[11] = [0,1,134,255,1,0,0,0,0,0,0]
For $I = 0 To 8 

Global $ghHidFTDll = DLLOpen("RDingUSB.dll")

$TemperDevice = DllCall($ghHidFTDll,"bool","OpenUSBDevice","int",3141,"int", 29697)$TemperRequestTemperature = DllCall($ghHidFTDll,"int","WriteUSB","int",$TemperDevice[0],"str",DllStructGetData($b,1),"uint",9,"ptr",$cTemp)
$temperReadTemperature = DllCall($ghHidFTDll,"int","ReadUSB","int",$TemperDevice[0],"str*",$e,"uint",9,"ptr",$cTemp)

The first and second DLLCall gives a good result (return code 0).

The second DLL call return an error on the second parameter.  (return code 1)

The result should be a 9 byte array in the second parameter ($e).

What do I wrong.  How can I pass a variable to write the array to ?

Tanks in advance for your help.










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