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Tabs, revisited


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Alrighty... trying to automate a Cisco aironet card install. Once it comes up, the Cisco Desktop Utility starts, but it consists of 3 tabs... I don't understand how the controls (12320) work, since AU3Info shows the entire region as one big piece...

Any ideas?

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OK, you can see the ControlID 12320. With this Number an the ControlCommand Function together with these commands:

"CurrentTab", ""

Returns the current Tab shown of a SysTabControl32

"TabRight", ""

Moves to the next tab to the right of a SysTabControl32

"TabLeft", ""

Moves to the next tab to the left of a SysTabControl32

You should get your goal :-)

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What does AU3Info show you if you hover over the Tabs? (Please copy & paste)


looks like that's what he did... check that image again man. looks like it has a control id of 12320. have you tried

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",4);actually not necessary with the title used in next line, but just incase you have multiple Cisco windows up, you could grab another word in the title without causing errors.
ControlSend("Cisco","",12320,"{RIGHT}");this sends the right arrow key specifically to the control, which should change the tab....


sorry, on my side i saw his screenshot right before your post, and i posted mine probably at the same time as your guys' explanations of the mix up... my bad

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