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How do I automate uninst.exe

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Hello all,

I have been trying recently to write a script for installing / uninstalling various apps for our organization. Being one of the first scripts I have went back to do an UNinstall script, I have a problem scripting Auto-IT to close the standard windows removal wizard box. This box comes up with...

TITLE = "Remove programs from Your"

Text = "unInstallShield will remove th"

I have tried with ControlID (of 1) and ClassNameNN (Button1) but honestly I am not familiar enough with working with ControlIDs to comfortably write a certain working script to do this.

The problem lies in that during Windows uninstall of the program, the <OK> button is greyed out until finished. I cannot find a satisfactory way to get AutoIT to wait until the button is active to click it and continue with the remainder of my script.

Does anyone have any suggestions to work through using this standard Microsoft unInstallShield wizard that they would be willing to share??



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A very bad method would be,

let the program keep pressing on it until

it goes to the next step :whistle:

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Open the help file,

goto the tab named "Index"

enter "Control" in the field named "Type in the keyword to find:"

read that page and then

read about ControlCommand and "IsEnabled"

A loop like this...

Until ControlCommand ( "title", "text", controlID, "IsEnabled", "")
...should make your script wait around for the button of interest to be enabled - and then it will continue. Edited by herewasplato


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