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Move slider in a programm

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I would like some help!

i am trying to move a slider automaticly in a program that it will go to the middle, i was searching but i couldn't find the code for doing it,

i will realy like some help 

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Hi, natiun, welcome to the forum. Can you please provide us with the application you're trying to manipulate, and possibly a screen shot of the slider you're trying to control? That will help us help you :)

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the program is splitted to windows, and the name of the window is frmOptions i attached the window info of the slider:

Class: WindowsForms10.Windows.8.app.0.2e0c681 

Instance: 15

ClassnameNN: WindowsForms10.Windows.8.app.0.2e0c68115


Advanced Mode:   [Class:WindowsForms10.Windows.8.app.0.2e0c681; INSTANCE;15]

ID: 1118706     (The ID is dynamic)


Position: 19,444

Size   1260, 16 

ControlClick Coords: 631, 9

Style:   0x56010000

Exstyle:    0x00007000

Handle:    0x00000000001111F2

I try to upload Pic here of the slider but i didn't found how ?


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