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Getting PS3 controller axis information.

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Edit: Opps figured this one out myself, by changing options in MotioninJoy I was able to change which axis the motion controls are sent to thus allowing me to see them properly.

Hi, recently I've bought a PS3 controller to mess around with the Sixaxis feature. I was hoping to use AutoIt to read the controller inputs and map them as keyboard/mouse outputs. However I ran into a small problem regarding the motion controls.

I can't find a good way to get the axis data for the motion controls. I have searched for UDFs and example scripts and have found this() which shows all the information needed however the motion sensor axis data is not correct. The output for that axis is the combined left/right and up/down movement.

Is there a way to get the correct axis information with AutoIt or is there a way I can use the data from the UDF? I should probably mention I'm using MotioninJoy drivers and Windows 7. Let me know if I can give any other information to help solve this. Thanks for any help.

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