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Repeated $Test = InetGetSize($URL) calls broken by IE10.0 update

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I have an Autoit script to update my genealogy website, which has many links to external websites. I test each link at each update. I used, until yesterday,  [if $Test = InetGetSize($URL) > 0], to test whether the $URL was there. Yesterday, Microsoft updated Windows with IE 10. My script failed, but not immediately.  It would be chugging along, testing links and putting out pages for my website, but would then stop, with no message, and at different times, upon replication. I could not exit Autoit from the Notification area of the Task Bar. I rolled back the Windows update and my script worked again.

I guessed at the problem, replaced the InetGetSize calls with some code that I copied based on $oHttpRequest = ObjCreate("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP"), and my script still worked. I reinstalled the Windows update and my script still works. 

My anxiety is that I don't understand objects very well (Born and raised on FORTRAN, with a modest graduation to PASCAL, regression to BASIC, and recent rehabilitation by mimicking other code in Visual C# without really understanding object oriented principles). Example anxiety: Can I count on "MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP" always being there? 

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