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i want check box access in the below javascript code

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hi am new in autoit script.i doesnt click the below check box code.pls help me

i give javascript code and screen shot

<form name=UnsecuredEnable method=post action=UnsecuredEnable.cgi>
<input type=hidden name=submit_button value="UnsecuredEnable">
<input type=hidden name=change_action>
<input type=hidden name=action value="Apply">
<input type=hidden name=next_url value="">
<input type=hidden name=wait_time value=19>
<input type=hidden name=submit_type>
<div class="install_button" id="install_button"></div>
<div class="install_button_hover" id="install_button_hover" style="display:none"></div>
<div class="checkbox_over" id="checked" style="display:none"><script>document.write("<a href='javascript:enable_disable_checkbox(this.form)' ></a>");</script></a></div>
<div class="checkbox" id="unchecked" ><script>document.write("<a href='javascript:enable_disable_checkbox(this.form)'></a>");</script></a></div>
<div class="info-test2" >
<div class="button" id="enableDIV" style="display:none"><script>document.write("<a href='javascript:to_submit(document.forms[0])'>" + sbutton.continue1 + "</a>");</script></div>
<div class="button_hover" id="enableDIV_hover" style="display:none"><script>document.write("<a href='javascript:to_submit(document.forms[0])'>" + sbutton.continue1 + "</a>");</script></div>
<div class="disabled_button" id="disableDIV"><script>document.write("<a><font color='#CCCCCC'>" + sbutton.continue1+"</font></a>")</script></div>


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