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BMC Remedy combo option selection issue

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Hi, I am trying to print the options of a combo box on BMC Remedy web portal by using below autoIT script , but nothing is printed

$oImpact = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "arid_WIN_3_1000000163")

$oImpacts = _IETagNameGetCollection($oImpact,"div")
For $oInput In $oImpacts
   ConsoleWrite("Debug: " & $oInput.innertext & @CRLF)


Can someone help me to select one of the option provided in line number 3 of below HTML code. 

<div class="df arfid1000000163 ardbnImpact EnumSel" id="WIN_3_1000000163" style="z-index: 994; width: 292px; height: 21px; top: 55px; left: 10px;" ardbn="Impact" artype="EnumSel" arid="1000000163" arlbox="0,4,112,17" arwindowid="3">
<label class="label f9" id="label1000000163" style="width: 112px; height: 17px; top: 4px; left: 0px;" for="x-arid_WIN_3_1000000163">
Text - Impact*
<div class="selection" style="width: 175px; height: 21px; top: 0px; left: 117px;" arselmenu="[{ci:1000,v:"1-Extensive/Widespread"},{ci:2000,v:"2-Significant/Large"},{ci:3000,v:"3-Moderate/Limited"},{ci:4000,v:"4-Minor/Localized"}]">
<input class="text " id="arid_WIN_3_1000000163" style="width: 154px; height: 21px; top: 0px; left: 0px;" type="text" readOnly="readonly"/>
Text - Empty Text Node
<a class="btn btn3d selectionbtn" style="width: 21px; height: 21px; top: 0px; left: 154px;" href="javascript:">


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