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Diana (Cda)

Check window state and always turn off?

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Diana (Cda)

I use a script on html pages opened in Metapad (a notepad-like app). The script randomly seems to turn on the "always on top" feature though the command is nowhere in the script. Odd behaviour, but there it is. Naturally, I don't toggle this on or off manually myself. I need this to always be off.

Got to thinking that to fix this script, I'd have to have it look for the state and turn this off both BEFORE and AFTER the body of the script executes the user input the script takes in and then sends to the text editor page. So at beginning of script and then at the end, hoping to have it looks for the state and to switch it off no matter what it's toggled to at that time.

Hoping someone here might know how to do this.

The command to turn this window state on and off is found under:

_O_ptions > _A_lways on Top

(the underscores above representing the hotlink or hotkey, or whatever this is called.)

Thanks! :whistle:

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