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Perform the same code structure like what I create for excel macro

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Previously, I am able to create excel macro to automate task like replace the formula to value.

How should I perform it in autoit? 

As for as I know, Autoit help file only include basic excel automate function.

I assume I need to read the sheet to array and write it back?

Another task is change all the excel object to a picture format without changing its location.

As for this part, I have no clue on how to start my coding. But I do have the structures in vba coding.

Any clues to do it?

I do think of another alternative which is compile my vba code to COM object/ vbs script them call within autoit. Is it possible to do so?

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You can do everything you can do with VBA, since the entire object space is available to other software including AutoIT.

The hardest part, at least for me, is to find the right way to use the object model. But once you figure out how to go from VBA code objects to AutoIT, the rest pretty much gives itself away.

My suggestion: make yourself a cheat sheet with a few notes on how to use functions, assign values and iterate over things.

It would perhaps help if you would post some sample VBA code of what you wish to do ?

I am just a hobby programmer, and nothing great to publish right now.

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