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Lua question: require with own lua-scripts fails

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So far I have always Lua scripts included with dofile() in other scripts. That works, like expected.

Because loading files with "require" is more flexible, i've tried to do that with my scripts. I've added in the Lua startup script my pathes to package.cpath.

I'm using the property "Lua.User.Scripts.Path" and so i've added: 

props["Lua.User.Scripts.Path"].."?.lua;" and


So it works for "..test.lua" and also for "..testtest.lua" - pathes.

I've a simple script for testing:

file: test.lua

writeA = function()
    print( 'A' )

writeB = function()
    print( 'B' )
If i use: dofile(path_testfile) in another script, i've access to this functions.
By using: require "test", i get an error:


error loading module 'test' from file 'C:Code_AutoItLUAtest.lua':

%1 is not a valid Win32 application.


If i use require with the file "alien.lua" it works. But i can't see basicly differences in structure between the scripts. 
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards BugFix  

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