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Lots of If/Thens in my script

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In my script, I have a lot of IF/Thens to test the results of my functions. I could use Case Selects but that doesn't really clean up my code much.

Is there perhaps a better way to code all of these If/Then's in my project? I was kinda thinking of creating somekind of GLOBAL function but each result branches into different subbranches as well.

Something perhaps like this:

TestResult($Error, $ActiontoPerformonfailure, $ActiontoPerformonsuccess, $MessagetoDisplay)

Function TestResult(ByRef $a, ByRef $b, ByRef $c)


Case $a = 0


Case $a = 1

msgbox(0,"Error", $Messagetodisplay)




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My first program is LOADED with if/then statements, there are over 2000 lines of code


my second project has only (approx) 30 if/then statements and is filled with function calls


in the first project, the if/then staements allowed me to make nice commentary and the program folds very nicely in SciTE.

in the second, it is HARD CODED... no comments and no spaces

I suggest running "tidy" ( from SciTE Menu) and..

As long as your program functions correctly, looks clean, is understandable to you ( and possibly others) and is'nt too slow ( some dev's like "speed" in their scripts) then you've done well...

this is not the answer you were looking for, but maybe it could shed some light.



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If you are using the beta, take a look at the new Switch structure as well.

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