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Trying to manipulate Macromedia Flash Player 7

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First off, is there a better way to manipulate Flash Player? If so, just skip the rest of this and let me know :dance:

I'm just getting into COM, and I find it very interesting so far.

Right now I'm trying to manipulate a flash-based game. Find health, enemies, etc without the use of pixels. I downloaded the oleview.exe and required .dll in the help file, and found the commands I need to use, but the hard part is actually getting the object!

I tried all 'Flash Player' entries in oleview.exe, but none of the work with GetObj(...).

Tried: ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash, SWCtl.SWCtl, FlashFactory.FlashFactory, and none register an object. I tried

GetObj("C:\Program Files.....\loader.swf") and that fails to register an object as well.

If anyone could point me in the right direction...

The game, if you're interested, is Dofus Online, which will be p2p in about a week... :dance:

I'm not doing this to cheat, I'm not doing this to get ahead of other people unfairly, I just want to have the experience of objects. I can use IE pretty well with objects already, and this will be more fun :whistle:

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Check my sig about interesting info about object viewer that is implemented with MS Office.... Bear in mind that the object might be "ShockWaveFlash.Application" for instance... You might find more with the Office object viewer.Moreover someone in scripts and scraps has published a UDF that manipulates Flash objects... It might be a good reference on how he calls the objects... Search...

C ya

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