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Question about Minimizing using AutoIt

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ok, I want to make a script that auto connectes and Minimizes Ventrilo so that i can add ventrilo to my startup.

For those that haven't used Ventrilo. there is an option to minimize it to the system tray. but when i use my script it puts it down in the taskbar.

taskbar = where normal apps go when you minimize

system tray = small icons by the clock

(just to clear that up)

now.. if i manually hit the minimize button in ventrilo it goes to the system tray. if i use WinSetState then it goes down to the taskbar.

heres my script, yes i know its small and rely's on sending "{space}" to connect. but can't remeber the command off my head to send a certain button lol.

Run("C:\Program Files\Ventrilo\Ventrilo.exe")
WinSetState("Ventrilo", "",@SW_Minimize)
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That's odd because all it does is select Minimise from the system menu, which should be equivalent to hitting the Minimise button on the other side.

Is there a button within the window itself that would tray minimise the window?

Edit: Problem solved!

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