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Full screen-no window?

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You know how some games or window media player can have a 'full screen mode' where there is no visible window borders.... is it possible to create an output window like that with autoit?

I want to create a display program that puts up text on the screen based on keyboard f-key shortcuts, but don't want the window to show up, it is possible?

Also, another quick question, is there a function that would accept user input without actually having an echo on the screen or any kind of screen action?

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Welcome to the forums!

You can create a full-sized window using the @DesktopWidth and @DesktopHeight macros to specify the size. You can set your window not to have borders and a title bar by investigating the styles that you can use with GUICreate().

You can display text on the screen without displaying a window using the ToolTip() and TrayTip() functions (one or both of those functions may only be available in the beta release).

You can process input from any window using the HotkeySet() function.

Good luck!

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