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Capture text from java applet

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At work we have access to a supercomputer located on the other side of the country, and we access it through an applet in a web browser.


Visually this java applet looks exactly like the cmd prompt on my pc.



I've had some succes writing text into that command window using  the format:




Sleep($delaytime) ...

This is fine for entering a username and password which are very fast operations. 


However, my goal is to automate very long fluid dynamics simulations that can take a number of hours to complete. To make best use of the supercomputer, I would like to invoke new simulations as soon as the previous ones finish. If AutoIt was able to read responses in that command prompt (which appears as a java applet in my web browser), I can initiate commands with a minimal time delay between operations. 

Does anybody know if this is at all possible? I expect the operating system on the remote machine will buffer commands if previous ones haven't been completed, although without being able to read text displayed in the command prompt it will be very hard to check for error messages if a simulation falls over.






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